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Bay Area Shopping Malls

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In the economic heartland of states, in the sprawling bay area, demand for new shopping complexes and malls has increased over the years.

Malls and San Francisco are not identical to each other. It looks like mixing up two different identities.

Moreover, parking has always been a problem in the Bay area as it is surrounded by a lot of skyscrapers.

As a result, no space is left for a parking slot. Still, some of the world’s classiest malls are standing tall in the Bay area.

There are quite majestic shopping malls in the Bay area, like Westfield Valley Fair Mall and Stanford Shopping Centers.

Residents in the bay area can enjoy world-class luxurious brands from all over the world and American handicrafts that are rare to find anywhere else.

Best 6 Shopping Malls & Centers in the San Francisco Bay Area

1. Westfield Valley Fair Mall

The king of all, Westfield Valley Fair Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in the United States and has the highest sales revenue of any mall in the state of California.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall
Westfield Valley Fair Mall

For big “mall” shoppers, the mall is the best retail destination – a fusion of fashion, food, entertainment, leisure, and cinemas. This combo is enough to make it the best shopping mall in the Bay area.

The shopping center consists of more than 250 boutiques with top-notch designer brands. You can find a lot of variety here when it comes to cosmetics and beauty shops, rarely seen in any other malls in the country.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall is the best bet for foodies of the neighboring Santa Clara County. You can find various outdoor restaurant plazas with some of the best food in the country.

The Famous Ding Tai Fu restaurant is located in the mall, ranked as one of the best in the world by the New York Times.

Definitely, we can suggest that a bite and shop is the best thing to do when you are exploring Westfield Valley Fair Mall.

2. Santana Row Shopping Center, San Jose

Santana Row shopping center is “Paris of the USA” when you walk around the shopping center, you will be left stunned by the aura of the place.

Santana Row Shopping Center, San Jose
Santana Row Shopping Center, San Jose

The beautiful architectural buildings make it one of the lively places in California.

Amazing restaurants are lined up with outdoor seating, and a band of music playing at the same time in the twilight makes the perfect atmosphere to hang out with beloved ones.

Moreover, various exquisite and luxurious brand shops are lined up in shopping centers. In other words, “a perfect destination for shopping”.

The best part of the shopping center is, that traffic is blocked off from the street. A street with beautiful trees and flowers with phenomenal shops is around, giving a majestic feel – the place looks stunning at night. Of course, worth a visit.

So while searching for the shopping malls San Francisco bay area on Google, you might come across this mall as it is the top-rated mall in the Bay area.

3. Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto

In our list, here comes North California’s second-to-none premier Shopping Center “Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto.

Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto
Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto

An open-air shopping center with a buzzing dining destination contains around 140 world-class stores from luxurious brands to local favorites.

You can enjoy the combination of various chains of restaurants to cafes such as Fleming’s Prime steakhouse, Chang’s China Bistro, True Food Kitchen, and many more.

Astounding gardens in the shopping center with beautiful fountains make the cherished place more interesting, and more people love to visit this place.

The shopping center is situated on the land of the world-famous Stanford University. You can hit the mall through various modes – one of the easiest is to take a shuttle.  Visiting Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto is an unparalleled experience.

4. Westfield San Francisco Centre

9 floured Westfield San Francisco Centre is a premier shopping mall. When it comes to the California Bay area shopping malls, Westfield San Francisco is the crown jewel. The celebrated mall is located just steps from union square.

Westfield San Francisco Centre
Westfield San Francisco Centre

The shopping center is proved itself as one of the most exciting venues in the united states. Around 200 multinational and local brands, including Burberry, Micheal kors, Kate spade, J. Crew, Zara, and Tiffany & Co., are present in shopping centers.

Some award-winning restaurants, like Tap 415 and MY China, are on the list of best shops in the mall. The second-largest Nordstrom in the United States is in Westfield San Francisco


5. Gilroy Premium Outlets

Gilroy Premium Outlet is northern California’s one of the largest open area shopping centers, consisting of over 145 factory outlets. Most shoppers are attracted by the hefty discount on the brand up to 25-60%.

Gilroy Premium Outlets
Gilroy Premium Outlets

Outlets offer the best and cheapest rates on the product in Gilroy Premium Outlets, which you have hardly seen anywhere else in northern California.

One of the advantages of premium outlets on the freeway, you can park your car near retail stores and get access to the shop in no time. The outlet is real good when you park your car near your desired outlet and conclude shopping in one go.

6. Union Square, San Francisco Shopping

“Heaven of Earth” Union Square shopping center is one of the most dynamic and popular shopping centers in the United States.

Union Square, San Francisco Shopping
Union Square, San Francisco Shopping

Union Square is located in the city center and connected to all public transport, making it convenient to access the shopping center for everyone.

Visitors love to visit Union Square as the shopping center is a stepping distance away from hotels.

The booming and buzzing atmosphere is the focal point of the shopping center, which attracts many visitors.

Some art galleries and theatres are located in the shopping center adjacent to some outstanding restaurants. Union Square presents you with a unique opportunity to shop and dine hand to hand. 

Bay Area Shopping Malls FAQs

What shopping malls are close to the Caltrans bay area?

There are several shopping malls around the Caltrans bay area, which offer a great opportunity for shoppers to dine and shop.

Some of them are Westfield San Francisco Centre, San Antonio Center, Bay Street Emeryville, Pacific Common Shopping Center, Sunvalley Shopping Center, Westfield Oakridge, Westfield Valley Fair, Hillsdale Shopping Center, North Gate, Stoneridge Shopping Center, Capitola Mall, and  Weberstown Mall.

How are bay area shopping malls open?

The reopening of California on June 15 abolished almost all Covid restrictions and retired the colour-coded reopening system. Now, malls can operate at their full capacity.

Alas, all staff members must produce their vaccination certificate before October 15, and masks are mandatory. Now, retailers prefer open-air avenues and outlets. Customers who are vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks while shopping and dining in closed arenas.


Bay areas lie in Silicon Valley, and it attracts many visitors and a large number of immigrants. The annual income of people living in the bay area is the highest in the country.

So the demand for shopping malls and restaurants is high, and the Bay area matches the sprawling demand of consumers.

The world’s biggest malls and shopping centers are concentrated in the Bay area. Visiting those luxurious and exquisite shopping centers is a lifetime experience.

Visiting California is worthless unless you tour the beautiful architectural marvels of the Bay area, i.e., shopping centers and immense malls.

The largest mall in northern California

Great Mall is the largest mall in northern California, home to many retail shops, boutiques, and cafes. You will find everything for you, including accessories, clothing, footwear, electronics, jewelry, sporting equipment, and much more.

Moreover, you can enjoy famous restaurants with century Theatres. Great Mall never fails you when it comes to shopping and food.

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